Our holiday to Sete for Drum’s birthday

For my brother Drum’s birthday we went on holiday to Sete, which is in the South of France. We went on an EasyJet plane (which was a bit late, but it was ok cos we had plenty of planes to watch at Gatwick) and we also had to go thru a scanner machine which was very scary, like a robot…

Where we stayed we had a little apartment and me and Drum had bunk beds. My mum said the top bunk was a bit too high tho so Daddy put the mattress on the floor at nighttime for me and my foxes to sleep on.

We couldn’t make Drum a birthday cake so we got him a French cake called a Tarte Tartin, which is a silly name really as it’s just an apple cake.

The sea and the pool were pretty cold to go in but that doesn’t stop my Dad so we were brave and went in as well. I had so much ice cream my Mum said I might turn into an ice cream (that didn’t happen) and also we hired a teeny tiny car which we called The Kitten but its real name is a Fiat 500 to drive us around in. Daddy kept hitting his head on the roof…



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