My Twelve Days of Christmas

We took our tree down last night. It was very sad. Mummy said I can keep some of the cards in my room, but I have to take down the tinsel I’ve got on my window.

Did you have a nice holiday? We did.

We put up our huge tree in our little blue house and we left carrots out for the reindeer. On Xmas eve we went to see my Grandma and Grandpa David and we got to ride in a taxi on the way home. My brother Drum got a noisy toy bus and he woke us all up on Xmas morning playing with it. We also got Scalexric – which I am much better than Daddy at – and some Xmas hats, which we wore to play hide and seek in a big tree. My friend Valentina came over and we went out for an apple juice. Then we went to Scotland and I played on the beach and with my cousins. Jan 2nd is my dog Huckle’s birthday – my Scotland Grandma made him a birthday cake with a huge candle on top – and on the way home we stayed at the Hotel Du Vin Harrogate in the biggest hotel room with the biggest baths ever. Then we had to take the tree down, that was the end.


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