Our day out at Winterville

Winterville is a Xmas town set up for us kids at Victoria Park. There’s a circus and some rides, an ice rink and a lady who makes tails that you can wear. Check out my dad with a fox tail like Bubble…

Me and Daddy went on the dodgems, but my Dad tried to bang into too many things and I felt a bit sick. I got a nice brownie from Bad Brownie as a treat – and my brother got something called Wiz fries which are fries with melted cheese on. I’d rather have the chocolate any day but my brother liked them…

Then we looked in the circus tent – there wasn’t a show on but you could still get popcorn and look at the funny mirrors.

When we got back to the car we saw a squirrel fall over in the road in an accident. I made him a ‘get well picture’ when I got home and I’m going to take him ’round some get well nuts when he feels alright again. I like squirrels and my Dad says I’m a jolly nice chap…

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