Dear Santa…


I hope you can make it to our little house this year, even though our chimneys don’t have a big enough hole for you to get through. My mum says maybe you’ll come through the front door, but if you do then don’t ring the doorbell cos my dogs Doodle and Huckle will bark at you and scare your reindeer (even though they don’t really mean it.)

Me and my fox Bubble have mostly been not too naughty this year, except for the other night when Bubble was hungry and ate all the Milky Ways out of the Treats Jar. Or the time when Bubble didn’t take his wellies off and got mud all over the house. And Bubble didn’t really mean to spill milk on my bed, honestly, or push my brother over (he was being a bit annoying…)

As you know, me and Bubble really like to play with things that have hooks and winches on them, like cranes and boats and fire engines. In fact, we just really like the hooks and winches the best, so don’t even worry about them being attached to a boat or anything if you’re a bit busy.

My mum said I should ask for something like school clothes or swimming lessons for Xmas but that’s the sort of stupid thing my mum says.

Very Best Wishes

Wild Hendry x

PS Bubble said we should ask for some chocolate as well. Each. Not for sharing.

PPS Bubble forgot to say Please.


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