image Thur 05 Nov 2015: How we ran away from the monsters in The Human Race Trick or Treat Race

As us kids know you gotta be careful about monsters. They can be all around and if you’re not careful (like, say, you forget to leave the landing light on) then they might sneak up on you.

My Dad says the monsters won’t scare you if you shout BOO at them, as loud as you can. BOO!

Last Sunday we had a race against the monsters, in Richmond park. The winner got to have all the treasure (which was sweets and popcorn and medals). It was actually jolly good fun and we shouted BOO! at zombies and witches and even a scary looking pumpkin man. The chasing monster race also raises money to help people as well, which Mum says is ‘portant.

WP_20151101_010 WP_20151101_017WP_20151101_023

Monsters don’t get you if you chase them and most of all monsters don’t get you if you have a Daddy to shoo them away…


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