Tue 13 Oct 2014: We met a donkey and an alpaca at Willows Farm

Wild&Drummond1015 1 Wild&Drummond1015 7 Wild&Drummond1015 21 Wild&Drummond1015 59 Wild&Drummond1015 60

We had a day out at Willows Farm in Hertfordshire. There are around 100 animals there and even more things in the playground. Our best were the tractors and diggers you can climb on – and I liked the rides but Drum is a bit little to go on them, so I went on them for him.

We saw Highland cows and alpaca and a grumpy donkey – and some reindeer just chilling til Santa needs them at Xmas.

Wild&Drummond1015 61 WP_20151011_018 WP_20151011_023 WP_20151011_055

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