Thurs 08 Oct 2015: How we had a cheese sandwich with Gandalf and met a big metal lady

My Special Grandpa lives at Stratford East theatre. Some other cool people live there too, including a new big lady statue who was hiding under a rug for ages (like when I play hide and seek under the duvet).


She is called Joan Little-wood – but she is big and made of metal.

After the metal lady came out of hiding Stratford East had a tea party, with cake (pretty good, it had sprinkles on), cheese sandwiches (the best!) and two types of squash (I had blackcurrant).


If you look in the back of this picture, the lady in the orange coat is Pam St Clement from EastEnders.


And my brother Drum met Sir Ian McKellan who is also Gandalf and in X Men.

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