Mon 21 Sept 2015: My baby cousin Rohan’s first birthday

My baby cousin lives with my Uncle Rens and Auntie Anj in a place a long way away called Alfriston which is near a place called Polegate. My cousin had a party cos he was one year old.

It’s very nice but you have to get a lot of trains to get there. We got the train from Forest Gate, the train from Liverpool st, the train from Oxford Circus and a long train from Victoria.

At Victoria station we went to Ed’s diner and I had a pink milkshake…

WP_20150920_10_14_26_Pro WP_20150920_10_19_37_Pro

When we were on the train a really grumpy lady told me and Drum off for being noisy, so we had to play cards with Grandma and Auntie Monica instead…


Uncle Rens has a big house and it was a ginormous party. Me and Drum had some cupcakes and played football in the garden, which is also ginormous. Drum kept kicking the ball in the hedge tho, which was a bit annoying.

WP_20150920_13_02_17_Pro WP_20150920_13_03_49_Pro

As you can see my cousin Rohan looks quite happy about his party…

I found an apple tree to climb up as well!

WP_20150920_15_11_28_Pro WP_20150920_13_23_53_Pro WP_20150920_13_25_29_Pro

There were lots of grown ups at the party so we had to wait ages and ages til it was time to do the birthday song and have the cake, but we got some to take home as well and I went to sleep on the train back.


BTW if you like mine and Drum’s tshirts they are from Baby K.

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