Thurs 10 Sept 2015: How we gave all our stuff to Calaid, then bought some more at the Jumble Trail

Last Sunday my Dad said we needed to go on a mission to rescue some people. I didn’t really feel like going out and rescuing people – I just wanted to watch Paw Patrol on tv – but my Dad said all these people don’t have any homes or toys or tv or sometimes even no Mums or Dads, so we loaded up all our old tents and sleeping bags and camping gear into the back of our car to take it to some superheroes who were going to bring it all to Calais.


But on the same day, on my street, there was a thing called the Jumble Trail (or the Jungle trail, I called it) where people set up stalls outside their houses and sell things they don’t want. My Mum said I could have 50p pocket money and my Dad has £10 pocket money. I bought Scoop the digger and Mater the truck, plus lots of story books which were 5p each and a fire engine for another 10p. Pretty good?

My Dad bought all sorts of things. We got a buggy board, a bike seat, a chalkboard, some old tennis rackets… and lots of old records. So much in fact that my Dad had to make three trips to pick it all up.

We did get to meet all our neighbours and made lots of new friends – and they are doing the Jumble Trail again next year so my Mum says we can sell it all back again…


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