Sun 09 Aug 2015: The Waterpark in Victoria Park and Andy’s birthday picnic


Mummy and Daddy’s friend Andy has a picnic for his birthday every year. It is good fun for us kids as there is dressing up and sparkly drinks and glitter and Andy’s boyfriend Thom is really good at making something called vole-vents (which aren’t made out of voles, they are nice, my brother ate about twelve)

x V__12F4(1)

I played tennis and had a cuddle with a girl called Imogen…


My brother just got dressed up and got a cuddle off Mummy…

WP_20150808_003 Taken with Lumia Selfie WP_20150808_015

Then today (Sunday) my Dad took us to the Waterpark at Victoria Park cos it was super hot.

We got there so early they hadn’t even put the water on yet, so Daddy took Drum on a wobbly bridge and I played in the sand.

WP_20150809_003 WP_20150809_012 x

If you like water jets that keep stopping and starting and all the kids scream when they do, you will like the Waterpark at Victoria park.

V__80A4(1) V__ABE7 V__DDA9(1)


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