Make #microcooter Commuting a Doddle with @Scooterslingz


I love scooting on my microscooter and it makes things like going to my school or to Grandma’s much easier – except for when you have to take it on a busy train, when there is nowhere to put it, people keep tripping over and you keep having to say ‘Scuse me’ all the time.

Once me and Mummy were on a packed train and my scooter rolled over a lady’s tomatoes that she had in her shopping bag! The lady wasn’t happy (and Mummy wasn’t very pleased either…)

But, it’s OK because I actually didn’t have to leave my beloved scooter at home after that tomato mishap – the nice people at Scooterslingz got in touch and sent us a clever bag. What happens is that when you are waiting for the train your Mum or Dad can just quick release the red button on the bottom of your scooter, which makes it go back into two parts, then put the bits in the Scooterslingz bag and do it up. Once it is in the bag it only takes up a teeny weeny bit of room so not even the grumpiest person can complain about that.


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