Tues 28 July 2015: Our holibobs in Suffolk

We went to Dunwich for the weekend on a camping trip. My Dad once cycled to Dunwich. He also cycled to India and met and elephant. He didn’t meet any in Dunwich tho.


The main thing we met in Dunwich was a lot of rain. But it was OK because we also met the RNLI and I got some shiny yellow RNLI wellies and also got to drive the lifeboat and read the compass and talk to the coastguard.

WP_20150725_018 WP_20150725_024 WP_20150725_026 WP_20150725_028 WP_20150725_030

The other thing we met was a couple of crabs, which we caught with mini sausages and bacon as bait. We let them back afterwards because we didn’t want them to be late for their tea and we didn’t want to be late for ours.

WP_20150725_050 WP_20150725_051 WP_20150725_052

BTW If you like Drum’s top, my Dad bought it for him in Fat Face on holiday, cos I got my new wellies so it was only fair.


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