Thurs 02 July 2015: How my brother learned to walk and fork… but he still can’t talk…

My brother Drum is littler than me and my Mum says we are very different. When I was small I did lots of talking, as anyone who has read my blog for a long time will know… But that is because I am interesting and I have a lot to say about most things.

I got the hang of walking when I was little but I didn’t so much see the point, not when I had a comfy buggy or Daddy’s shoulders to ride on.

But my brother loves it. In fact, he has his own special style of walking; with his hands up in the air to go faster…

WP_20150624_001 WP_20150624_006

My brother has also just learned how to use a fork. He sort of had to because his nursery put him up into Big Class so all the other kids can do it already…


But he still isn’t very good at talking. I think maybe it’s cos whatever he was going to say, I got in there and said it first…

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