Mon 22 June 2015: Happy Fathers Day to my Dad


My Dad is the best Dad there is because he always plays with me and builds things for me and reads me stories and lets me jump on him in bed.

I wanted to get my Dad a picnic basket so we could take it on the boat, like when Grampy Rabbit has boat picnics in Peppa Pig.


So Mummy found a shop on the internet and I chose it, then the postman delivered it and we had to hide it and keep it a (Shhh) SECRET.

I also made Daddy a card at school and Mummy hid that one so well that we neearly didn’t find it again!

For the picnic we had pasta and sausages and baguette and orange squash and grapes and apples – and my brother Drum had Scotch Eggs, which are his favourite.

WP_20150621_047 WP_20150621_051WP_20150621_024

Happy Fathers’ Day to all the other Dads out there, but my Dad will always be the best.

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