How we all fell in love with @Microscooters…

We have recently moved to a place called Forest Gate which has lots of streets that aren’t as busy as where we used to live. We do a lot of walking ’round Forest Gate; to the shop that sells ice lollies or the field to walk the dogs or the pub Daddy likes that also has a playground at the back.

But – now we don’t have to walk ANYWHERE anymore because we have SCOOTERS!!!


Our scooters are from Microscooters who are the makers of the bestest scooters in the whole world ever. Mine is orange to match my fox called Bubble and I am the only one at my school to have an orange scooter, so everyone is very jealous (and also I can find mine easily at home time).

WP_20150611_053 WP_20150611_056  WP_20150613_018

I wasn’t all that quick to start with but after a few races with my Dad I figured out how to scoot really really fast… Then I had to figure out how not to end up in the wall and how to stop – but luckilly I got a helmet and my Dad showed me how the brake works.

My brother Drum also got a scooter which is called a Mini2Go one and came with a pet monkey that Drum calls GooGah monkey but his real name is Mic. Anyone who knows my brother Drum will know that he loves cuddly animals, so the people at Microscooters are pretty clever to have worked that one out.


If you are planning to ask your Mummy or Daddy to get you a scooter, ask for a microscooters one because they go smoother and faster than other scooters do so you don’t have to stop when you go over bumps or pebbles.

And if anyone thinks they can beat my Dad on a scooter then can come and have a race…


PS Mummy said to mention the Scoot Safe Tips, because it’s good to know what to do about roads and stuff..


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