Mon 15 June 2015: My brother Drum’s first day of nursery #BoosBunnyHop

My brother Drum is very little, but he does like to try and do grown up things like eating with forks and taking off his trousers and singing along to the radio.

But today he got to do something very grown up as it was his first day at nursery.

Boo Rabbit went too so that Drum wouldn’t be scared (and also cos he wanted to see what was on the menu for lunch…)

WP_20150615_008 WP_20150615_009 WP_20150615_012

Drum was a bit worried on his way in…

WP_20150615_013 WP_20150615_014

But he had a really good time and played in the sand and with the cooker and he did a puzzle and Boo met a big fuzzy bear.

They are both going back tomorrow, so it must have been alright…

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