Wed 10 June 2015: My Top Five places in #ForestGate

We recently moved to our new home in Forest Gate so I’m an expert on the area now. Here are my best places:

1. Wanstead Flats: we call them The Fields and they are the biggest fields in the whole of ever. Dinosaurs live there, and rabbits, and picnic monsters who like to share your picnic. It’s mostly windy at The Field so you can fly your kite or I like to pretend that Doodle is like Radar on Fireman Sam finding people who are lost in the long grass and rescuing them…


2. Rod’s House: our friend Rod has frogs in his pond and a cat called Mrs Perkins. His house is made from leaves, which I think means it is stronger than bricks so the big bad wolf can’t blow it over.

rod's house

3. Coffee 7: this is a shop where grown ups drink coffee, run by a man called Dan. They also have cookies in big glass jars and make special sandwiches for us kids with jam and peanut butter.

4. Forest Tavern: my Dad likes to have beer in here and I like having apple juice with a straw. My brother Drum likes to have Scotch Eggs, which I think are laid by Scottish chickens.There’s also a nice garden at the back and they don’t mind too much if you climb on the flowerbeds.

5. Our garden: our garden has a trampoline, a sandpit, a hill that we call Toys Mountain and a shed that only my Dad is allowed in. And it is also where all our plants live and where we have our lawn and Daddy makes Doodle bark when he gets the lawnmower out…


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