Tues 19 May 2015: Taking good care of Pirate Captain @benhammersley boat

Pirate Captain Ben has left us in charge of his boat whilst he goes off to sail the high seas looking for more treasure.

My Dad has lots of plans to build things for the boat but he started off by making this box so I can sit on it when the boat is boating down the canal…

WP_20150517_003 WP_20150517_005 WP_20150517_006 WP_20150517_007 WP_20150517_008 WP_20150517_010  WP_20150517_021 WP_20150517_024 WP_20150517_030

There are lots of ropes on the boat, you have to hold them tightly so they don’t fall in the water. You can also shout ‘Aaargh’ like a Pirate when you pull them.

The boat makes a chuggy chuggy noise as it goes along and lots of people wave to you as you go past.

We saw a family of ducks – Mrs Duck and her nine ducklings – they followed us through the lock gate.

We took the boat from Victoria park to the River Lea to back again by Hackney Wick. If you pass through Hackney Wick on the overground you can see the boat just by the bridge. Maybe say hello if you do.

Boating is good fun but quite tiring when you’re little like my brother…


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