Tue 05 May 2015: How I got a big parcel and kept my trousers up with some help from @Easybelts

Some people – like my friend Franklin – need belts because they are too skinny to keep their jeans or shorts up. I actually have the opposite problem which is that after I have had my tea and sneaked another pudding it’s tricky to get that pesky button at the top to do up. And some trousers, like my smart ones for best, don’t even have a button, they have a sort of hook which is double tricky when you really need a wee.

So I was chuffed to get sent some clever belts from a company called EasyBelts, who make belts for us kids that are super dooper easy to do up and undo again. In fact, they are SO easy that the first time my Mum didn’t even realise it had done up.

My EasyBelt has a picture of a racing car on it and they make them in my baby brother’s size as well, plus for big kids and girls. But if I were you I’d get this one, like mine…

WP_20150503_020 WP_20150503_021 WP_20150503_022

They are actually also lots of fun to do up and undo even when you don’t need to do your trousers up – and you can also strap them ’round other things apart from your own waist just for fun, like your bedroom door handle or your school bag or your bear.

As well as playing with my new belt, I also got a huge parcel in the post. You might remember from last week that I got a new bike for my birthday…


Well… then this big box arrived…

WP_20150503_001 WP_20150503_002 WP_20150503_010

Which was nearly as big as my entire Daddy!


But inside had an extra special hat for me to wear on my new bike! Which came in the post all the way from my Auntie Vanessa in Scotland – so almost as far as the moon!



So now I can safely ride my new bike on the street AND keep my trousers up!

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