Tue 28 April 2015: How we walked a dinosaur on Wanstead Flats and fixed the road

Our new house is right by a big field called Wanstead Flats. Dinosaurs live there, it’s pretty cool! We caught one in the field like my cousin catches Taffy the pony and we took him for a walk.


Afterwards we let him go back to his dinosauring as we only had chicken dippers for tea, not really enough for a dinosaur.

This is our garden, my dad put a big tent up for us to play in.


Our garden is mostly grass but there are also a couple of roads at the side where there seem to be some herbs and things like that poking through. Luckilly me and my brother Drum have some bulldozers and diggers for problems like that, so we can dig up the road and fix it, like Mr Bull does on Peppa.


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