Some smart new things from @HalfPintChic

My brother and I got a box in the post from Half Pint Chic. It was the good sort of box with scrunchy tissue paper and neatness in it. Inside were some shirts and shorts for me and my brother Drum which were the smartest and nicest we’d ever seen and Mummy said we should only wear them for Best.

What Half Pint Chic do is very clever, they sell designer clothes for us kids at a cheap price because they are from last season or last year or last Sunday or something – either way us kids don’t really mind because they are super and because there’s playing to be done.

I couldn’t really wait for Best to come along so instead I wore my smart shirts and shorts for Important Business like planting my flower garden and looking for cheeky snails and plotting how to get Mummy to give you more than one ice cream.

WP_20150408_012 WP_20150410_009 WP_20150410_011  WP_20150410_030 WP_20150410_033 WP_20150410_041

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