Funny Cycling tees from Plain Lazy @plnlzy


My Dad loves cycling on his bike. He once cycled across India on it. Which is quite a long way. When my Dad did a Justgiving page for raising money for his cycle he put a picture on it with him and his bike and no clothes on. Probably because he didn’t have any special clothes for cycling in.

But it’s ok cos the nice people at Plain Lazy sent Daddy and my brother Drum some tshirts to wear. My Dad said his is the comfiest tee he has ever had. My brother doesn’t say much, but his looks like his is pretty soft too and they make their tees out of organic cotton as well, which is ever such a good thing.

Drum can’t wheelie yet, but there’s plenty he can do, like sing along to the radio and steal all my best toys and eat three pancakes in one sitting.


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