Mon 07 April 2015: Our new house in Forest Gate and the new trampoline

This weekend we moved into our new house in Forest Gate. Someone else is going to move into our old house, Mummy says we don’t really know them but I hope they are nice because we love our old house too.

Our new house is blue and in the middle of the street. My bedroom is at the back so you can see the garden and also hear the kitchen, which is important too.


Drum’s bedroom is alright, it has a fireplace in it. And Mummy and Daddy’s bedroom is ginormous and looks out over the street so you can see our car at night and also a big ginger cat.

We also have a living room and a playroom and a kitchen and a snug room – and also some big cupboards to hide in (we checked for monsters first…)


Then at the end of our street there is a big field called Wanstead Flats,which also has a playpark in it with a helicopter. Obviously they put the helicopter there just for me – well, no one else seems that bothered about playing on it so I shall say it is my helicopter. It’s definitely the best helicopter I have ever flown in…


(BTW if you like my new shorts they are from Lilly and Sid and they have brilliant pockets for collecting stones in…)

But actually if you can’t make it to the park it’s actually alright because my Dad built us our very own trampoline in our new garden. It did take him a while because it is so huge but it was definitely worth it because it’s an awesome trampoline and as you can see I can bounce twice or maybe three times higher than my Dad.

WP_20150405_026 WP_20150405_035 WP_20150405_037

Mum says I have to share the trampoline with Drum, but I don’t think I really shall have to until he’s a bit more big and strong…


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