Mon 30 March 2015: How I forgot to be afraid at the fair

We went to a place called Walton on the Naze for the weekend. Which is also called the seaside. It is very pretty but it was ever so rainy.

We stayed with our friends Sarah and Paul and Franklin, who is the same age as me apart from four days. And also their new baby who isn’t born yet, their big dog and some cats.


Cos it was raining we couldn’t go in the sea or make any sandcastles, but Sarah said we should go to the fair at the pier, which at first I thought was the Bear at the pier – so I had in my head a whole different idea.

When we got there it looked quite exciting – lots of flashing lights and loud noise – but the first ride we went on was a pirate boat that went high high up in the sky and was actually a little bit scary.


Franklin said it was alright, but I wasn’t sure it was, and I got a very big bit scared.

But then he showed me how you could also ride on some cars that didn’t fly, they just went ’round and ’round a road. Which was a lot better – and they even had a fire engine like Jupiter.


So we went round and round the track and I rang the bell on my shiny red fire engine. And then it stopped.

So I asked Dad if I could go on it again.

And again…

And another time.

And then I decided I really like the fair and we should go every single day.


But in the end we had to go home from the seaside and I really didn’t want to leave my new friends or the big dog and the cats…

But when we got home there was a nice parcel from Lilly and Sid… With some nice piratey seasidey new things for me and my brother. And the best thing about a Lilly and Sid package is always the ribbon it comes wrapped with…

WP_20150330_003 WP_20150330_005

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