Special offers from Lilly and Sid

I was really chuffed when Lilly and Sid asked me to help them spread the word about their amazing brand, I’ve been in the Dream Team for a while and now I can tell people about special offers too.

There’s one at the moment whereby you can get 20% off their blankies. If you click on the link you can get this.

Me and my brother Drum are BIG fans; in fact, Drum had his blankie in the hospital with him when he was born.


Now he won’t go anywhere without it, even if it is really sunny.


Mummy always sews our name tapes into our blankies, cos they are special and we don’t want to lose them…

I ‘spect we’ll still have them when we are big. Cos you’re never really too big for a good blankie, are you?

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