Mon 16 March 2015: How many puppies can I sneak in my backpack…?

At my Auntie Vanessa and my cousin’s house they have lots of animals. More than just two dogs, like we do – and my two foxes called Bubble and Sister.

They have hens who lay eggs, but not in little boxes like at the supermarket, but big wooden boxes so you have to look for them.



And Taffy lives there too, Taffy is probably the nicest pony in the world, my mum says it’s a shame Taffy can’t live in London with us but we don’t have a big field or anything like my cousin does and also I don’t think Taffy would like going on the train.

IMG-20150314-WA0006 IMG-20150314-WA0005

But the newest animals there are Midge the dog’s puppies. There are eight of them (1,2,3,4,5,sixseveneight) – or ‘ocho’ if you watch Dora the Explorer.

IMG-20150314-WA0009 IMG-20150314-WA0010IMG-20150314-WA0008IMG-20150314-WA0007

I was pretty sure they wouldn’t miss one if I borrowed it – but actually I don’t think there’s any more room in our dog basket at home…

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