Tues 10 March 2015: Off on the train to see Grandma…

IMG-20150310-WA0001 IMG-20150310-WA0002

Me, Daddy, Doodle and my fox Bubble are on our way on the Big Train to see Grandma and Grandpa in Scotland for a holiday all week. Well, Grandma won’t be having a holiday, but we all will…

The train that goes to Scotland actually goes right past the back of our house so we can wave to it out of the window.


My mum said I wasn’t allowed to pack my guitar, but it doesn’t matter anyhow cos I’m going to sing Grandma a song when I get there. Mummy also said lots of other things about being good and not sticking stickers on any wallpaper and going to bed on time but I wasn’t really listening…

Just hoping whilst I’m away my brother Drum doesn’t eat all the biscuits and Huckle doesn’t hide my socks.

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