Mon 02 Feb 2015: At the #PeppasGoldenBoots Premiere


Me and Daddy were invited to Peppa’s party in Leicester Square. I packed my fox called Bubble in my Pacapod bag in case I didn’t know anyone else there.

Daddy said it would be good if they had some bacon sandwiches or a hog roast, but they had lots of ice cream and cakes instead…

FullSizeRender peppa1  peppa4 peppa11

You could play lots of games in Peppa’s house and we got medals for jumping in muddy puddles.

peppa12 peppa13

There were some celebrities like Gareth Gates and Jen from Milkshake and Harley Bird who is the voice of Peppa Pig.

We watched the Peppa film on the big TV and they gave us a big bag of presents afterwards, including  bubbles and facepaints – and some wet wipes for cleaning ourselves up afterwards…


I like Peppa very much and was glad I got to go to her party…


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