Fri 09 Jan 2015: My Twelve Days of Xmas

Belated Happy New Year and thanks everyone for following my blog and tweets. You’re all super awesome. Almost as awesome as Xmas itself.

I hope you were all good and Santa came down the chimney to see you (or even better, you heard reindeer dancing on the roof in the night like I did!)

This was what I got up to over the holidays:

Twelve muddy Xmas dog paws (Doodle, Huckle and Grandma & Grandpa’s dog Tess) and three waggy tails…

photo 3(3)[2]

Eleven hundred thousand miles (well, 379.5 anyway!) in the car to see my family in Scotland (but we stopped off on a nice beach)


Ten of my family ’round Grandma’s table for Xmas lunch


Nine turns on my cousin Rory’s remote control Porsche


Eight pence worth of treasure, stuffed tightly in my pockets…


Seven dwarves and Snow White, played by my pet foxes (some of them played two roles each)


Six bits of hot buttered toast, meant for sharing…


Five sleeps from the last day of school til Xmas morning (and a few worn out naps on the sofa)


Four play fights with my brother Drum (including a pillow fight on a comfy bed at Hotel du Vin in Newcastle)



Three cheers for my dog Huckle, who was two on the 2nd January

Two Lightening McQueens! (thank you Uncle Rens!) Kerrr-chowww!


And one ride on my cousin’s pony Taffy (who might be the nicest pony in the world)


Can’t wait for the next Xmas to come ’round (but I’d better give my dad a little bit of a rest first..)


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