Tues 23 Dec 2014: Swing When You’re Winning @Pacapod

Lots of people have been very kind to us this year, giving us things to review, but I just wanted to say a special thank you to the people at Pacapod, who make magic bags.

When you do a lot of things – like I do – and your Mummy and Daddy have a lot to remember to do already (like mine do) like getting milk or going to work or finding their car keys and cufflinks then the last thing you want is to be out on an adventure and find they’ve gone and forgotten something important.

With Pacapod magic bags it is basically all packed into little pods and even my silly Mummy can remember to put my stuff and my brother Drum’s stuff into each pod… And I know that there’s still room for spare clothes and treats and my copy of the Evening Standard (which I get most days)

But they aren’t just for grown ups, and I have been lucky enough to get a magic bag all of my own, so I can carry my important toys like my foxes and Boo Rabbit and my new dragon – and a bit of rope for pirateing or catching a pony.

And the best thing about my bag is it is totally playground-proof.


I’ll prove it to you… Look!


Happy Xmas to all at Pacapod, Swing When You Are Winning!

WP_20141220_10_07_42_Pro[1] WP_20141220_10_07_16_Pro[1]

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