Frohe Festtage Auntie Dee @dendoesdalston

Me and my brother Drum love Auntie Dee very much.

She is lots of fun to play with and brings us presents and pretty shoes (although Mummy says we shouldn’t ask for things) and also she has a drawing on her belly in tattoo pen 🙂

Auntie Dee is German so they have Christmas tomorrow. If anyone else wants to say Happy Xmas to my Auntie Dee they can all wave now and clap their hands.

WP_20141218_18_33_05_Pro[1]WP_20141218_18_32_51_Pro[1] WP_20141213_22_50_48_Pro[1]

PS We love the Duplo and the dragon and the ‘jamas fit me perfectly xxx



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