Sat 20 Dec 2014: My Xmas show at school

At my school we did a Xmas show: we all wore red and made crowns and we sang ‘WishooMerryCrispmass’ and ‘Jinkle Bells’…

I didn’t like it at first but Daddy, Drum and Mummy came to watch me and I got to wave to them in the audience. Also, Tina, my teacher, let me sit on her lap.

(If you look in the picture below my best friends Freddie and Isabella are the ones next to me… Bella has a silver crown on and Freddie has a Xmas jumper and shoes like mine from Converse)

Brighton1 photo xmas1 xmas2

My brother really loves Xmas songs and wasn’t shy at all about singing and dancing. Like, he even danced at the disco at the end. Even to Pharrell’s ‘Happy’! Oh, he has so much to learn…

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