Tues 25 Nov 2014: The toilets at @TasteofLondon

We went to a food festival called Taste of London on Friday at a place called Tobacco Dock, which is where pirates live.

There was lots of nice food to see (and try) including Gu puddings and lots and lots of chocolate. And sausages, me and Daddy like sausages a lot.


It was lovely and Xmassy, with trees and lights – and a very comfy sofa, even comfier than our sofa at home…

But, it was also ever so smoky and dark in there, and it made my brother Drum cough quite a bit.

Now I am big, I am pretty good about saying when I need the toilet. But some toilets in some places are a bit scary when you are two and a half, even if you are feeling brave and you have Brave Daddy with you… And this place was one of them. So I asked Daddy if we could go outside and find somewhere else to go to the toilet.

Daddy went up to the front door and asked the lady if we could pop out to find another toilet. The lady said ‘no’ in a really cross and even more scary way and I was so upset I had a wee in my trousers.

(Luckilly Mummy had the magic Pacapod bag with us so I had some dry pants and jeans…)

My Dad said that was no way to treat people, but it was OK cos he knew a pub nearby where all the pirates hang out, so we could go there and look at some boats. Which is what we did.


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