Tue 25 Nov 2014: My list for Father Christmas

For anyone who is interested, this is my list to ask Father Christmas for:

  1. A green dragon. Or another sort of dragon. Any sort really as long as it can fly.
  2. A Pirate Flag.
  3. A pineapple.

And this is my fox called Bubble’s list:

  1. A Seafaring Boat.

I have told Bubble that we have to be very good and clean our teeth and eat our vegetables and put our toys away and stuff between now and Christmas if we want Father Christmas to bring us what we want, but Bubble said it will be worth it and anyway he will share his boat with me when he gets it.


My brother Drum is too little to ask Father Christmas for anything, but I ‘spect he’ll get something anyway. And then he’ll most likely chew it.

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