Mon 27 Oct 2014: we sailed through #London with Pirate Captain @benhammersley


Our friend Ben has a big boat called Rockers. it kind of wibble wobbles more than it rocks, so I was a bit wary of it at first.

London has a big river called the Thames but also some little rivers called canals, which is where Ben’s boat lives.

When you sail down a canal your boat goes into little cupboards which Daddy (or someone) fills up with water and it looks a bit like when they have a jelly flood on Ben and Holly

Ben is the Pirate Captain, so he says where to sail the boat to and also knows where the treasure is hidden at all times. Ben’s friend Peter is the deputy Pirate Captain I think and they might let Mummy join the boat crew if she stops pointing out that there isn’t a toilet.

boat2 boat3 boat4   boat9 WP_20141025_16_55_31_Pro[1]WP_20141025_15_35_54_Pro[1]WP_20141025_16_55_39_Pro[1]

At one point we went thru a very long dark tunnel. My Dad said I was very brave but actually I had my eyes closed for quite a bit of it…


Lots of people stop and take your picture when you are on a boat in London, so we are probably on quite a few people’s Instagram feeds by now…

Dad says he has boat envy so we have to get one. Mummy still says there isn’t a bathroom.

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