Mon 20 Oct 2014: My brother and his little teeth

My brother Drum has some little teeth now, Two of them, like a rabbit.


So he can eat things like celery and rusks and bananas now.


He’s also liking Ella’s pouches, which I had as well when I was little. They still taste just as good as I remember from two years ago and my mum says it is still just as hard to wash the stains out of things… And Drum does quite often have Ella’s stuff stuck to his eyebrows…


Drum has been trying some new bottles as well. They are called Latch and are made by Munchkin, with a clever little valve at the bottom to stop air bubbles getting in which looks a bit like a blue diamond like a mermaid might have on her necklace.


My brother still doesn’t have much hair tho, just like Daddy…And has a bit more growing to do til he’s as big as me…



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