Tues 07 Oct 2014: Our Crayola Magic Doodle Marker Mat

The nice people at Norton and Co sent us some toys to review. We thought we’d check out the Magic Doodle Mat from Crayola first cos it’s called Doodle, same as our dog…

It’s a cool mat you can unroll and draw all over, plus there’s a big pocket to put all your pens/secret stuff in and some straps that hold it all together so it looks all professional (or, as Mummy says, you can store it under your bed)

The pens are good colours: green for dinosaurs, yellow for sunshine, kind of orangey red for tomatoes or fire engines, and a purple one which my fox Bubble likes the best.


So you might be thinking here, why not just scribble on the floor. Or the walls, or the bits you can reach of Daddy’s car? (Or any of those colouring books you got for Xmas which aren’t anywhere near as excting)

Well, this mat is different as once you’ve drawn on it you can rub things out really easily with the eraser thingy that it comes with, or just wipe it all and start again.

It’s also quite soft to play on, so if you have a trainset like me you could draw a train track for it to ride on, or pretend you are a giant and draw some houses and cars to crush.


You can read what Crayola have to say about it here: http://www.crayola.co.uk/products/doodle-magic-colour-mat-product/

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