Mon 22 Sept 2014: Our Dorset Holiday


We went on holiday for a week to a place called Dorset and stayed in a house called Hound Cottage, which was double amazing cos I had my own room and also cos the garden looked like Grandpa Pig’s garden in Peppa. It even had an apple tree, although my mum said they are called Crab Apples, which is obviously what crabs eat.

photo 8

My brother and the dogs came on holiday as well…they let dogs stay at Hound Cottage!

IMG_00003586_edit1photo 5

Dorset is near the seaside; we went to Weymouth and made sandcastles then saw some donkeys – and we went swimming in an outdoor pool at a hotel in Lulworth Cove, which was about the best thing ever (well, not as good as ice cream, but…)


We also went on a ‘nadventure’ where we saw some ponies and maybe a dragon but we weren’t sure…

photo 4 photo 7

It’s tiring work being on holiday! This is me and Boo Rabbit having a nap…


Then Drum took his rabbit back…


PS My Dad got Hound Cottage thru English Country Cottages, who are ace.

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