Sun 24 Aug 2014: The @Just4TinyPeople Owl who came to stay…

Twit Too Woo the Owl came to stay with my brother Drum and me.

When he arrived, he said he was hungry from all that time flying in the post to us. We didn’t quite know what he liked to eat, but I told Mummy he probably liked chocolate pudding and coffee…

But my Dad took us to the park cafe for breakfast and Owl liked that!


Then we took Owl to the seaside to a place called Broadstairs. We took him on the train – it’s a special fast train called the Javelin – and we had some apple juice together.


Twit Too Woo Owl had a little sleep with my brother…


When we got to the seaside we made some sandcastles…And I went in the sea with my Dad.

IMG_00003260 IMG_00003276 IMG_00003295

Owl said we should bury Daddy in the sand! He seems to be quite a cheeky owl, which is why we love him…


Twit Too Woo Owl’s friends live at

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