Tues 27 May 2014: At the camel races with our magic @Pacapod bag

My Mum and Dad said we were going to the Camel Races for Bank Holiday. I didn’t really know what a camel was, but it was good fun to shout ‘Camel!’ all the way in the car.

As you know I have a new brother called Drum and he needs lots of things if we go anywhere like bottles and muslins and blankies and Moby wraps and we also wanted to take a picnic too, but thankfully we got everything in the magic PacaPod bag no probs – and I packed my apple juice and raisins and sunscreen and toys in my bag as well.

IMG_00002274 IMG_00002282 IMG_00002294 IMG_00002296 IMG_00002302 IMG_00002304 IMG_00002305

The Camel Races are held at a place called Northaw and they also race ferrets and ponies and hounds as well – but in lots of races, not just in one big one.

IMG_00002306  IMG_00002317

They have a fair with a helter skelter slide and things you can win and also a bar for  Daddies to get beer.


Camels are quite big and they don’t always do what they are told so it isn’t that easy to bet on them. We just bet on the red one – but luckilly it came in first!


We weren’t so lucky trying to win a pig tho…

If you want a PacaPod like mine and Daddy’s Magic Bag it is this one: http://www.pacapod.com/classic/nappy-bag-backpack-sling-bag.html

You can read more about Camel Racing here: http://www.cambridgeshirehuntwithenfieldchace.co.uk/images/images/ecpointotpointcamelracing2014.png

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