Sat 03 May 2014: The Hampstead Bark Off for @AllDogsMatter with my new @PacaPod

I shall be writing a few posts about my new PacaPod as it is rather splendid. Basically it is a cool backpack for us kids that comes complete with another one for Daddies, so they can carry all the things you’ve forgotten.

Today me, Daddy, Mummy and our dogs Doodle and Huck went to Hampstead Heath for the Bark Off Dog Show (run by All Dogs Matter) and for a picnic with my Auntie Zoe who is a celebrity blogger and also has a dog called Zizzi. Auntie Zoe baked a cake to enter in the Bake Off section of the dog show too.

Now, if you know anything about going on expeditions – or picnics – you’ll know you can never be too careful, because you might be out playing much longer than tea time, or the weather might change, or one of your dogs might get bored of whichever ball you brought for them…

So PacaPods are really ace cos you can fit LOADS and LOADS into them, and they are super clever because everything packs into little compartments or inner bags so when you open it all up it doesn’t explode – and it isn’t like trying to find the yellow crayon when it has gone and got itself down the bottom of the toybox either…


Cos my Pacapod is so roomy it is really quick to pack and easily holds toys, books drinks, snacks, my fox called Bubble and most other things and it clips across your front so it is easy to carry too. As soon as you have it on you feel like a proper explorer.


My Dad is a bit more careful about packing cos he is a photographer and does a lot of packing for a job.


But we did fit a whole picnic and a blanket and Daddy’s camera and cups and forks and all my changing stuff and my coat and a ball for Doodle in there really easily and there would have been room for more if it looked like rain or we might have had to stay out past supper time.


As you can see having a Pacapod gives you two hands free for holding onto dog leads or texting people…


And both hands free for tree climbing…


And both hands free for playing…


And both Daddy’s hands free for carrying me when I get a bit tired…


We picked a good spot for our picnic site and unpacked everything…


Then we went to watch Auntie Zoe and her cake. All the cakes were meant to look like dogs – you might be able to see Auntie Zoe’s one, it doesn’t really look like a dog at all (it’s the one in the pink tin)


Whilst Auntie Zoe was being judged I took Zizzi for a walk ’round the dog show…

IMG_00002143 IMG_00002145

Auntie Zoe didn’t win, in fact she didn’t even come second to last… But her cake was yummy and my Dad said if the judges had tried them instead of just looking at them she would have won ten times over. We brought napkins in our PacaPods so Auntie Zoe said we could eat the cake right then and there.


My Pacapod is the Changer Toy bag in Navy and my Dad’s one is the Unisex Picos pack in Denim

PS If you have dogs you should check out a lady called Emma who has a company called Queeniechi Says and makes cakes especially for dogs with nice ingredients like lavender and oats and kale in them…

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