Mon 28 April 2014: Beating my Dad at golf

My Auntie Zoe got me some golf clubs for my brithday. They come in a cool case you can pull around with you but Daddy says if you have lots of money you can pay people to pull it for you.

IMG_00002045 IMG_00002047

My Dad is super good at golf and showed me a few moves in the garden, but we were a bit close to breaking things so we took the clubs to the park.

IMG_00002056 IMG_00002065 IMG_00002070 IMG_00002071 IMG_00002073

The basic rules of golf are hit the ball further than Daddy and get it before Doodle gets it and runs off with it. You also have to wear bright coloured trousers for golf, so as you can see I am winning at that too!

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