Tues 01 April 2014: Mothers’ Day and Housebuilding Day

For Mothers’ Day me and Daddy got Mummy her favourite perfume and my fox called Bubble got her a card with a fox on, cos he only likes cards with foxes on, not flowers or anything.

But much more exciting, my Dad did some finishing off on my playhouse which he made for me out of recycled wood that other people don’t want.

This is my house now it is all finished… It has got a bay tree by the front door and a hazel tree at the back and I am going to grow plants in the back garden behind my house.

IMG_00001836 IMG_00001838  IMG_00001857



My Great Auntie Monica also gave me some shelves to put my toys in for inside my house in return for helping water her allotment. I’m pretty good at watering…


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