Tues 25 March 2014: How me and Bubble were brave at the hospital


On Sunday I fell over on our front steps and hurt my arm. Mummy and Daddy said I must have been poorly cos I didn’t even want my Sunday treat chocolate buttons. So Daddy took me to our hospital nearby which is also where I was born and is called Whittington Hospital. My fox called Bubble came too cos he doesn’t like to miss out on stuff.

We didn’t have to wait very long but I did have to have my arm X-rayed four times and they told Daddy it was a thing called a pulled elbow and they tried to move it back in.

After a bit they let us go home and told Daddy it did look like it was all better. But it was still hurting.

The next day it was hurting at nursery so my teacher phoned Daddy and said I should go home. Daddy took me and Bubble to see our doctor and then back to the hospital again to see a special person called a Paediatrician, who knows all about kids and poorly foxes.

They did some more poking and said they heard my elbow go back into place so it will get better now.

Bubble was very brave and liked playing with all the toys they have in the hospital. But he doesn’t really want to go back any time soon.

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