Weds 19 March 2014: I got a new camping bed and Doodle got a haircut


I got a new thing called a Ready Bed. They come in different sorts but mine has The Gruffalo on – and also the fox from The Gruffalo, who looks a bit like my fox called Bubble.

It is a cross between an airbed and a sleeping bag and it is super comfy – and also a little bit like being in a boat.

It folds down very small so I am going to use it when I go for sleepovers or if my friends come over to sleep.

But in the meantime it’s quite fun to pretend you are sailing across the living room in!

If you are looking at this top picture and thinking Doodle looks very smart and not like a Gruffalo’s dog like normal then it’s cos she went to the dog hairdressers yesterday. She’s not too sure about her new look but we think she looks very smart.

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