Sun 02 March 2014: My new Gruffalo wellies…

Somewhere in the Deep Dark Wood someone clever (prob the mouse or the Gruffalo’s child) makes cool stuff with the Gruffalo’s face on. Like my new wellies!

Now everyone knows wellies are for getting muddy, and if they are Gruffalo wellies you can get them extra muddy – cos it’s not like anyone tells the Gruffalo to keep clean and tidy, is it? If they did he would eat them for his tea!

So I took mine to the park with Huckle to find some dirt …

First we went on the motorbikes…


Then we kicked up some wet sand in the sandpit…


Then we splish sploshed in some puddles…


Then Huck found a jolly good tree, so we decided to make it our fort.


It was so muddy around the tree you had to climb up and keep your paws above the swamp.

IMG_00001607 IMG_00001621

One of my boots did actually come off in the mud, but it was OK – we found it and Mummy rinsed it off. I didn’t let her use actual soap or anything tho…

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