Mon 24 Feb 2014: I wore my Dad out at @LittleDinosau Soft Play

There’s a cool play centre near my house called Little Dinosaurs. You can play inside on bouncy stuff or slide down big slides and then you can have a milkshake and your Daddy can have scrambled egg and smoked salmon if it’s a Sunday morning and he’s a bit tired.

Outside they have a big garden with a playhouse and loads of bikes.

wildplay  wildplay3

If it’s your birthday you can have your party at Little Dinosaurs. It’s quite a good idea cos then your Mummy doesn’t have to clean up after you and your friends.


I had raisins to eat after playing, which are my fave – although I call them ‘Nut Nuts’.

When we got home my Dad went to sleep on the sofa.

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