Weds 19 Feb 2014: Dad sent me to nursery with ODD SHOES!

You might remember from a while back the story about me at nursery when I had to wear the pink pants of shame cos my silly Mummy forgot to send me with spare pants.

Well this is MUCH WORSE.


My Dad got my shoes wrong.

Not only did he put on two different types of shoe, but also they were both for your right foot AND one pair was too small.

When we left for nursery in the morning I tried to take one of them off in the hall but Daddy said ‘come on Wild, we need to get in the car, hurry up…’ And he put the wrong shoe back on!

When I got to nursery I told Marcia my teacher and she phoned up Daddy to tell him. But by then the damage was done and I already had to go through the huge trauma of the wrong shoe situation.

Marcia said I could wear no shoes if I wanted and just play inside. But I didn’t want to stay inside. Thankfully I did have matching socks on.

By the time Mummy picked me up with the right shoes it was really late and nearly dark and I’d looked silly all day in front of my nursery friends.

Bascically, if any Daddies are reading this, I just want to point out that not only is it really embarrassing but also IT’S FASHION WEEK THIS WEEK. So make the effort to check next time please!


PS you can see what the clever people a t GQ said about men’s shoes here

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