Mon 27 Jan 2014: Burns Night and Hood Club ’round our house…


Me and my Dad spent saturday morning on the sofa watching Top Gear with our hoods up. It’s called Hood Club and only boys are allowed in it.

Top Gear is all about cars. My Dad wants to swap our car (which is called The Badger) for a bigger one, but he hasn’t told it yet.

This is our car, I am pretending to drive it.

IMG_00000560 IMG_00001184

Saturday night was also Burn’s Night, which if you are Scottish like me and Daddy means you can wear a skirt and eat haggis.

This is me in my kilt, playing with my diggers.


And this is what Daddy made for tea…

PS we got our haggis from Waitrose. Daddy said it was a better class of haggis.

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