Mon 20 Jan 2014: My review of all my Xmas presents

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OK so Xmas was a while back but I’ve had time to play with all my new toys and judge their merits – so you can find out what has made it to the top of my toybox below:

V Tech Innotab 3

This lets you do lots of clever stuff like read interactive books and colour in pictures. The only problem is my Daddy still hasn’t worked out how to connect it to the V Tech Learning Lodge yet. He says it is more complicated than his most complicated photography computer programme.

I’ve been taking lots of selfies on it tho…


Waterproof trousers from JoJoMamanBebe

My Scottish Grandma is good at buying me warm clothes cos they only wear warm clothes in Scotland.These ones match my waxed jacket.


Sweeping Broom

I do like sweeping up, it’s nice to push all the dirt around and even more fun sweeping up leaves. This is a boy broom cos it’s blue.

My Fox called Bubble

Bubble is my best friend, he’s a very clever fox and he likes to do all the things I like to do like eat almonds and watch Thomas and pretend to drive Daddy’s car.


Jigsaws and books

My best book is a musical one that sings Twinkle Twinkle little star. I like naming all the animals in the pictures, especially the owl cos he goes ‘Twit-twoooooooo’

I also got some jigsaws, you can make farm animals and cars, planes and boats. The best one is the tractor and the second best one is the cat.


Thorntons Chocolate Reindeer

Apparently I got one of these but Santa seems to have swapped it for an orange…


My Scoot Scoot

Scoot Scoot is jolly good fun, he goes really fast and you have to hold on tight. As you can see I am learning some tricks (and it keeps Daddy on his toes too!)



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